Monday, December 11, 2017

Forgiving Cognitive Dissonance, Hysteria, and Trump

After doing a quick first read of Gary Renard's new book, I posted on Facebook that I thought it was great but that it had been unnecessarily tainted by one pointless thing. That thing taints a lot of stuff. Gary himself admits he hasn't forgiven that thing yet (which I believe lol). So, even though Gary's new book prompted me to feel the need to explicitly address this topic, it's a universal enough issue that there is no point in just picking on Gary.

Have any guesses about what that thing that tainted Gary's book is? Well, rather than leaving you hanging, I'll cut to the chase. The thing Gary let taint his new book was partisan politics and more specifically Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). TDS is the kind of thing you only notice if you aren't suffering from the syndrome yourself. The main TDS displayed in the book comes on page 178 where the book manages to alienate about 63 million Americans lol and potentially feed unforgiveness in about 67 million.

Although my sentiment on this matter is reflected in the above meme that I made to accompany this blog post, I'm going to take a stab at it anyway and play my role in the "forgiveness script." Since I'm a political atheist with no discernible ego attachment to partisan politics, I have the rare qualification of being able to look at politics much more objectively than most people. And my actions match my words. I've never voted and hope I never do. What I want is just about always so far from even an option that it's beneath my dignity to vote. Given the quality of voting options, if it ever reached the point where I felt like I should vote, I'd forget about voting and start packing. Because if things ever get that close to disaster, I'm not sticking around to see which way the pendulum swings.

I don't know what all goes on in people's personal lives that needs forgiving but I do know that most people have a lot of forgiveness work to do when it comes to politics. And that includes most A Course in Miracles people, both students and teachers. For example, most of the stuff I've seen from the course community on forgiving Trump has been so lame lol; it's been so tainted by ego commitment to partisanship that to any somewhat objective observer (above the political battlefield) the lack of self-awareness has often been stunning.

In my main books, The Universe Is a Dream and The Universe Is Virtual, I made it a point not to mention politics other than as a brief example of duality. And in the other books I've written I've only talked about politics to disarm politics and reveal the dualistic nonsense at the core of politics and government in general. Me not getting involved in partisan politics is easy since I'm a political atheist. Not only do I not believe in the different sides in politics, I don't accept the thing the sides are always fighting over: government force.

If you are a fan of my stuff, Gary Renard's stuff, and A Course in Miracles, you probably agree that the universe is a vast hallucination. Another way to put it is that the entire universe is nothing but a mass hysteria. A mass hysteria is a collective illusion of a threat, whether real or imaginary, spread through a population in society as a result of rumors and fear (memory acknowledgment). One famous mass hysteria that Gary happens to mention briefly and conveniently in his new book was the Salem witch trials. But the universe is the most famous mass hysteria. It's just that few people have recognized the universe as the mass hysteria it is yet.

The rumor that oneness was destroyed and God was out to get us was projected outward as the hallucination we currently call the universe. The universe is the ultimate mass hysteria. The tricky thing about mass hysterias is that if you are in one and infected by one you don't realize it. People literally hallucinate whatever it takes to maintain the hysteria, which means hallucinating evidence for the hysteria. The whole universe is an hallucination set up to present a constant stream of false evidence to maintain the hallucination. Naturally (or technically unnaturally), since the universe is fractal (holographic), mass hysterias manifest at all levels and scales of the larger hysteria.

The seed of all scales of hysteria is the same: cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and thoughts. This produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, or thoughts to reduce the discomfort and restore balance. Cognitive dissonance is the nature of dualistic thinking. A cognitive dissonance example is, God is love and God made the universe. Most ACIM people are well aware of the variety of religious craziness that has been invented to rationalize contradictions like that one. Religion is a treasure trove of cognitive dissonance and so is politics. That's why religion and politics are pretty much the two most dangerous subjects to talk about lol. Because when discussing such topics outside the bubble of those who share the same basic delusions, such discussions start exposing cognitive dissonance. In other words, egos become threatened.

Many are probably aware of Aesop's fable The Fox and the Grapes. That fable is about cognitive dissonance.

Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked "Oh, you aren't even ripe yet! I don't need any sour grapes." People who speak disparagingly of things that they cannot attain would do well to apply this story to themselves.

In that story, it is possible the grapes really were sour. And if the fox had got one grape and found it was sour then it would have been justifiable to leave the other grapes. But making up a story to dismiss the grapes as sour is cognitive dissonance at work. The fox wanted the grapes but the reality was that the fox could not get them. This is how the ego preserves itself. The ego hallucinates justifications to preserve the ego. For instance, treating oneness as unobtainable leads to all kinds of sour grapes dismissals of God.

The ego can't exist without cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance requires hallucinating a justification to maintain inner conflict. Ego is the essence of inner conflict. Therefore, ego preservation requires hallucinating a reality that does not exist. That's what this universe is after all. And that's also why no two people see the world the same. That's the first law of chaos, the truth is different for everyone. For us to all recognize that we are all the same we have to see the world objectively as it really is: illusory. To do that requires true forgiveness. Forgiveness is the ego eradicator because it is the cognitive dissonance eradicator.

Cognitive dissonance leads to confirmation bias and projection. Confirmation bias and projection are major tells for cognitive dissonance and general hysteria. If you look at A Course in Miracles with the concept of cognitive dissonance in mind, you will see how much of the course is about teaching people how to remedy cognitive dissonance. Although the word dissonance isn't in the course, look for words like contradiction, contrary, and contrast in the course sometime, they're almost everywhere.

"If Heaven exists there must be hell as well, for contradiction is the way we make what we perceive, and what we think is real." (W.138.1.3)

Now let me pause for a moment and ask you a question before I continue. Are you with me so far on this cognitive dissonance idea and how it relates to hysteria? If you are, pay close attention to what happens next in your mind. Because I know a good percentage of those who read this will have a lot of resistance and want to defend against what I say next as full ego preservation mode kicks in lol.

Currently, about half the United States and even people in other parts of the world are in a mass hysteria. This particular mass hysteria started with the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. But the mass hysteria didn't go into full force until November 8th of 2016.

For those who have been caught up in the current mass hysteria, I've consistently recommended following Dilbert comic creator Scott Adams to help forgive the hysteria away. Even though Adams doesn't seem to consciously realize it, he's helping teach people how to forgive in a round-about secular way. And so, rather than reinvent the wheel, I'm going to borrow some work Scott Adams already did and present it here in italics to progress my point.

On November 8th of 2016, a trigger event for cognitive dissonance occurred. Half the country learned that everything they believed to be both true and obvious turned out to be wrong. The people who thought Trump had no chance of winning were under the impression they were smart people who understood their country, and politics, and how things work in general. When Trump won, they learned they were wrong. They were so very wrong that they reflexively (because this is how all minds work) rewrote the scripts they were seeing in their minds until it all made sense again. The wrong-about-everything crowd decided that the only way their world made sense, with their EGOS intact, is that either the Russians helped Trump win or there are far more racists in the country than they imagined, and he is their king. Those were the seeds of the two mass hysterias we witness today: Russia and racists.

Trump supporters experienced no trigger event for cognitive dissonance when Trump won. Their worldview was confirmed by observed events. 

Nonetheless, a lot of the same people who didn't have cognitive dissonance when Trump was elected did have some when Obama was elected. In 2008, there was just enough evidence to make it seem like a Muslim Kenyan socialist was somehow elected. Trump himself even played a big role in trying to prove the Kenyan part. Remember when the Obama birth certificate was produced? The left said, "see, proof!" But the right said, "Photoshop forgery!" (Incidentally, Trump pulled the same birth certificate stunt on Ted Cruz during the 2016 primaries.)

All sides in politics have their own hysterias. Politics is hysteria. The self-blindness required to get caught up in partisan politics to begin with requires a strong will for ego preservation. So, don't think that just because I'm picking on the left about the current hysteria that I am not well aware of plenty of hysteria from the right. These days hysteria can spread fast, far, and wide thanks to social media. But hysteria can also be squashed quicker than ever thanks to social media. Nonetheless, squashing the current left-wing hysteria has been nearly impossible since the mainstream media and the government has been fueling it to make it extra pervasive.

Those who are in the current mass hysteria have been constantly looking for evidence to support the two main defenses keeping the hysteria going: Russia and racists. Looking for evidence to tame cognitive dissonance is a recipe for confirmation bias. That's why ratings are up for news and shows that are feeding the mass hysteria with confirmation bias. Those in the hysteria are trying to preserve their egos after all. They'd rather be right than happy.

And conveniently for the ego, there has been enough evidence to feed plenty of confirmation bias. There is just enough Russia stuff to keep the Russia hysteria from dying out. And there is just enough racism around to keep the racism hysteria from dying out.

For example, one such piece of evidence to fuel the racism hysteria occurred over the summer in Charlottesville, Virginia. A handful of KKK and Nazi types from around the country got together with some mostly normal people who just like old decorations. The national media managed to capture great images showing the KKK and Nazi types carrying torches. The next day, opposing forces showed up. Some minor fighting ensued. Then after one person decided to snap and a person got killed, that was it.

Well, that was it until Trump bestowed a great gift from the ego gods by making a politically imprecise statement condemning both sides in the fighting. Those in the hysteria bubble immediately jumped on that statement as proof-positive Trump is a damned racist. Trump later clarified by condemning the racists, but to those in the hysteria it was meaningless words.

The tricky part with the Charlottesville incident is that any interpretation of what happened could be confirmation bias. But ask yourself which one of these versions sounds less crazy:

1. A sitting president, who is a branding expert, thought it would be a good idea to go easy on murderous Nazis as a way to improve his popularity.
2. The country elected a racist leader who is winking to the KKK and White Supremacists that they have a free pass to start a race war now.
3. A mentally unstable racist clown with conman skills (mostly just lying) who is only filthy rich because he started out rich eviscerated the Republican primary field and won the presidency. He keeps doing crazy, impulsive racist stuff. But for some reason, the economy is going well, jobs are looking good, North Korea blinked, ISIS is on the ropes, and the Supreme Court got a qualified judge. It was mostly luck.
4. The guy who didn’t offer to be your moral leader didn’t offer any moral leadership, just law and order, applied equally. His critics cleverly and predictably framed it as being soft on Nazis.

I know what sounds most reasonable to me.

And just like with racism, there has been just enough evidence to keep the Russia hysteria alive too. Just in the last few weeks there have been major news blunders caused by people stuck in the Russia hysteria hallucinating evidence to support their guilt projection fantasies. There was the Brian Ross ABC fail. And the CNN "September 4" rather than 14 hallucination. After no good evidence of Russian collusion with Trump is found, the next phase of the Russia hysteria will likely be trying to prove some sort of conspiracy. In other words, to keep the hysteria alive Trump will be accused of thought crimes. And evidence for Trump thought crimes will come by manipulating people to testify against Trump. Conspiracy is what the government resorts to when it wants to convict someone despite the evidence showing innocence.

One sign of a good mass hysteria is that it sounds bonkers to anyone who is not experiencing it. Imagine your neighbor telling you he thinks the other neighbor is a witch. Or imagine someone saying the local daycare provider is a satanic temple in disguise. Or imagine someone telling you tulip bulbs are more valuable than gold. Crazy stuff.

Compare that to the idea that our president is a Russian puppet. Or that the country accidentally elected a racist who thinks the KKK and Nazis are “fine people.” Or that the country "purposefully" elected a racist who thinks the KKK and Nazis are “fine people.” Crazy stuff.

If you think those examples don’t sound crazy — regardless of the reality — you are probably inside the mass hysteria bubble.

In recent history, I have made it a point to those close enough to listen that I won't waste my time discussing/debating with anyone who resorts to ad hominem attacks. Ad hominem attack is a fancy way of saying attacking the person instead of the person's arguments and position. The simplest and most common form of ad hominem is name calling. Legitimate debate is a logic game not a guilt projection game. Whenever anyone reverts to ad hominem with me I either end it right there without another word or explicitly say, "Ad hominem attack, you're disqualified, I win, the end!" Ad hominem is a symptom of cognitive dissonance, because it is really just plain old guilt projection. Guilt projection is a great persuasion technique but not a truth finding technique. And so, guilt projection is great for maintaining cognitive dissonance, hysteria, and ego.

When people have actual reasons for disagreeing with you, they offer those reasons without hesitation. Strangers on social media will cheerfully check your facts, your logic, and your assumptions. But when you start seeing ad hominem attacks that offer no reasons at all, that might be a sign that people in the mass hysteria bubble don’t understand what is wrong with your point of view except that it sounds more sensible than their own.

Now even though it's as clear as day to me that the left has been in a mass hysteria for over a year now, that doesn't mean there couldn't be something somewhat interesting that comes up with the Russia stuff (the stuff so far has been quite lame, just trumped up technicalities and set-ups). And that also doesn't mean that there aren't some racist people in the United States. But the passion and numbers of racists are quite low and even though there is the persistent delusion that only whites can be racist, there is racism in all races. Other than Russia and racists, sure Trump might do something notably dumb, but as long as Trump is dropping attention getting tweets instead of things like attention getting bombs, I'm not too worried.

Incidentally, can you imagine how ridiculous it would all be if we could see how many of the people still ranting about things like slavery, which occurred over 150 years ago, were the very people who owned slaves and supported slavery in previous lives? The hypocrisy of partisan politics is ridiculous enough. Add past life hypocrisy and we'd clearly see what nonsense it all is. It really is the loony bin.

The main truth of why Trump was elected president is quite simple to those outside of the hysterias. The people on the receiving end of years of lefty guilt projection fantasies, being called racist, sexist, homophobe, backwards, dumb, and so on just for having different opinions than the left, wanted to find as big of a middle finger as they could find to stick up to the left. Trump is that middle finger and he basically even brands himself as such by constantly pushing the buttons of his opponents. That's the main reason Trump was elected. He's a big middle finger not only to the left but also the republican establishment. If you ever wondered what the alt-right really is, it's nothing more than a giant middle finger to the establishment. People in the hysterias keep on trying to define alt-right as something organized and sinister, but other than a middle finger, it has no coherent philosophy or agenda.

If the best thing the left has to win people over is to call them things like racists and sexists for not being on their team, then the middle finger won't end with Trump. Similarly, if the best thing the republican establishment has to win people over is to simply act as a big government weak opposition to the left (as it has for decades), then the middle finger won't end with Trump.

Without Trump being the perfect middle finger and without the media trashing Ben Carson over some inaccuracies in his book, Ben Carson could have been president today. And he could have won both the popular vote and electoral vote. That would have been two black presidents in a row and the republicans would have claimed victory as having the even blacker president lol. And it would have been hilarious watching the republicans constantly accusing democrats of being racist for criticizing Carson just as the democrats did to those who criticized Obama. Republicans love black people who share their culture and values. That's because few people are really racist but everyone is a culturist. Most perceived racism is simply cultural preferences that overlap with race. For instance, I'm a culturist in the sense that I have a preference for people who like ACIM and who speak the same language as me, English. That has nothing to do with racism although it's possible it could sometimes overlap with race. In that sense, if and when America starts to break apart, although it will seem to have some racial separation element, it will have more to do with ideological cultural separation.

Now let's take another pause. How are you doing? If you've stuck with me this far without having a total mental breakdown to preserve your political ego, there might be hope for you lol. The more persuasive I've been so far, the more crazy I've driven those suffering from acute cognitive dissonance.

Politics is a bunch of people fighting over control of the force of government so they can forcefully impose their subjective preferences on everyone else. In that sense, politics is the cognitive dissonance of force is bad but force is good when me and my team controls the force.

It is my current theory that there is a kind of political enlightenment that is inevitable for anyone who actually forgives politics. And for those who do forgive politics, their politics simply become the Golden Rule. That's why I decided long ago to become a Voluntaryist. Voluntaryism is the closest political stance to the Golden Rule that I have found. Like anything, you can find people in cognitive dissonance trying to trash voluntaryism and even the Golden Rule, but that's actually a good sign when looking for truth. You can find people in cognitive dissonance trying to trash ACIM too. The more persuasive something is the stronger the reaction from those in cognitive dissonance. Is voluntaryism idealistic? Sure, but without an ideal there's little hope to getting anywhere near it.

Voluntaryism is the belief that we should strive for all human interaction to be voluntary, never forced (non-aggression against non-aggressors). In other words, my political views are very simple: the Golden Rule, which ACIM itself says is the rule for appropriate behavior. The Golden Rule is self-enforcing because to violate it is to sow the seeds for one's own demise. If people were sane enough to adopt the Golden Rule as the supreme law of human life on the level of form, there would be no politics because government wouldn't even exist. But obviously, right now the simple Golden Rule world is not compatible with the ego script. That world would require mass political enlightenment. And so, I'm not concerned about changing any forms if the minds aren't ready.

When it comes to people's political ideas, I always just quickly run them through a simple formula. The formula asks:

Does this idea require using force and if so does that force come in the form of the initiation of force or the reaction to force? 

If the idea requires the initiation of force, I'm against it. If the idea requires the reaction to force (including threats of force), I might accept it. And if the idea requires no force, then I'm for it.

If an idea requires no force, it doesn't require government. If an idea requires only the reaction to force, then it may or may not require government.

To run the formula properly, you have to be honest enough to recognize the initiation of force. For instance, a lot of people would have a hard time accepting that taxation is a form of the initiation of force. But it clearly is if you want to stay out of political cognitive dissonance. Taxation is just a fancy form of theft. Now, even though ideally people would be sane enough to recognize that fact, I'd still be pleased if people at least sought more peaceful ways of organizing such theft. For example, a much more peaceful, efficient, and noninvasive way for the government to fund itself would be to spend new money into the system debt free (no interest) based on a percentage of GDP that would not be very inflationary. That still would not be perfect but it would be much less forceful than the current system. I have a pretty strong karmic link with the man who first popularized a variation of that idea, Jacob Coxey. Coxey was the inspiration for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. And my great grandfather beat Coxey in a Mayor election in 1933.

Another form of force is pollution. Over the years, humans got into the bad habit of socializing pollution. But pollution is a simple property rights issue whereby people must contain their own pollution to their own property without harming the property of others, including the air over their property and the water under it. But if property rights are so disrespected that taxation is acceptable in society, it only makes sense that pollution would be difficult to control. That's cognitive dissonance at work.

In general, I can find some things advocated by the democrats and republicans that compute with my formula in a positive way. But the little differences in belief in force are nothing compared to the big similarities of accepting the initiation of force. And so, without being identified with either side, I'm able too see the equal, petty, cognitive-dissonance-fueled self-interests of both sides. Look at immigration as a prime example. The left wants mass immigration because immigrants tend to vote left (big government). On the other hand, the right only wants carefully vetted immigrants because those immigrants are more likely to vote right (smaller government). That's also why democrats want to make it so people can vote without identification, but republicans don't. In both cases, there is no saintly altruism or evil racist agenda, just the petty self-interest of the parties wanting votes.

Overall, a subject like immigration is tricky because there are many pros and cons not just for the countries receiving immigrants but for the countries losing people. It's not beneficial for other countries if America is a brain drain for them or a tax payer drain. Just as it isn't beneficial for America if it lets people take advantage of it, whether through welfare or something like the Mariel boatlift of 1980. With the Mariel boatlift, Castro took advantage of America being soft; he emptied Cuban prisons and mental institutes and cleared the streets of bums and prostitutes by sending them into South Florida. The problems in South Florida that resulted in the 1980s from that event inspired things like Miami Vice and the movie Scarface (sick movie lol).

When I think about a complex subject like immigration, I have an easy time concluding that I have no clue what is best for everyone on the level of form. And any semi-sane, honest person would admit the same. I have a hard enough time figuring out what is best for myself on the level of form, let alone everyone lol. There have been many times in my life when I thought I was helping someone but the results were not helpful and times when I thought I might be being too much of a jerk but the results proved helpful. Don't be deceived by form!

America is a melting pot and the melting pot works as long as the people that come in assimilate. The uncomfortable truth about America is that discrimination is a key part of what has made it work. It's very simple, whoever was the last off the boat was discriminated against. That encouraged each group to speak English to get a job and blend in. But in recent history, even cultural discrimination has become unacceptable and that has predictably grown the divide in America, not closed it. It may not be pretty or politically palatable but discriminate to assimilate works for social cohesion. It's assimilate or separate. When in Rome...

Common language is the most important thing in any society and even accents cause problems. For that reason, the European Union is vulnerable to disunion for as long as it is without common language. Technology may be able to bridge the language gap, but we''ll see. In America, people talk about being part different ethnicities. For instance, my body is mostly Transylvanian Hungarian, German, French, English, Irish, Greek, Italian. You don't quite get people talking about that kind of multi-ethnic lineage in Europe due to the different languages.

Common government preference is also important. The two main choices when it comes to government is smaller or bigger rather than right or left since right and left can both be pro big government like they are currently. The bigger the government the more divide between right and left because the more force there is available to fight over.

If finding political beliefs that don't lead to cognitive dissonance sounds good to you, then you are probably well on your way to forgiving politics. If not, your commitment to cognitive dissonance will keep you stuck. Politics really is complex stuff. Figuring out the results of actions forced upon large groups of people is essentially impossible. Such things make for very complex nonlinear systems. There are just way too many variables. People almost always disagree and argue about nonlinear systems but agree about linear systems. In nonlinear systems, the best guesses are probabilistic rather than deterministic. In linear systems, there is no guessing needed. It's like the difference between calculating the next solar eclipse versus calculating the effects of CO2 on the atmosphere. One is straight forward, the other is a lot of guessing.

Cognitive dissonance feeds on trying to preserve the ego. And understanding cognitive dissonance is very helpful in learning how to forgive more easily. A thing I've started to promote after years of my own experience with forgiveness is something I've been calling "Kindergarten Forgiveness." I've found over the years that you can pretend to forgive all you want but with most things the first step to success is a willingness to change the story you told yourself to justify your unforgiveness. In other words, you have to be willing to stop preserving your ego with cognitive dissonance. It's okay to admit you don't really know about any given thing and thus it is okay to be neutral about it. If you aren't willing to do that you probably aren't willing to forgive. It is very simple and it doesn't even require understanding any advanced metaphysics. All the abstract talk about sin not being real because it is all just a dream is next to worthless if you aren't even willing to admit that any specific story you told yourself to justify unforgiveness might be a deluded dream that needs some reworking. Because I assure you that any story you hold in your mind to justify guilt is a faulty story. And that is very evident when it comes to politics.

I've found it very fascinating over the last few years how Trump has been able to drive so many people into full ego-preservation-mode while they simultaneously condemn Trump's ego. To talk about forgiving Trump in any authentic way you have to actually do so. Trump is the supreme ego lol. Donald Trump's minister when he was a kid was Norman Vincent Peale. Peale was best known for the power of positive thinking and was one of the most successful self-help authors in American history. Trump's ego was built on positive thinking. The left denigrates Trump's positive thinking by labeling it with pessimistic terms like malignant narcissism. But positive thinking is Trump's super power. Trump is a master at thinking to success; that's why he exaggerates to the extent of lying so much. Trump rains optimism on himself and those he sees as his friends. Trump rains pessimism on those he sees as his enemies. Not only is his ego huge, but his ego has huge impacts on the egos of others because his special love is extra special and his special hate is extra special.

There are two U.S. presidents with which I have a known karmic link. One is William McKinley and the other is Trump. When I was in middle school I had a teacher for all three years named Roy. I call him Roy in my mind to this day instead of his formal teacher name because of an incident I instigated one day when a friend of mine said to him "Hello Roy." The angry reaction from Roy to my friend for calling him by his first name at school was so ridiculous that I can't help but only call him Roy to this day lol. Roy was friends with Trump when they both attended the New York Military Academy high school. Roy was pretty much the poorest kid in the school and Trump the richest. Trump was very good to Roy through school. Trump even picked up Roy's bill so he could vacation with him. When Roy was still in college, Trump gave Roy a surprise visit and offered him a role in the new company he was forming. Since the timing wasn't right, Roy turned down the offer (foolishly retrospectively). In the years that followed, Trump became a famous big shot. Trump was even parodied (inaccurately) in one of my favorite movies, the Back to the Future Trilogy. Despite the fame and fortune, Trump still found time for Roy whenever Roy asked.

Over the years, I've naturally ever since linked Trump with my teacher Roy. Like Trump, Roy was a law and order kind of guy and he demanded a lot from his students. But just because Roy wasn't a passive pushover didn't mean he wasn't still a good, caring guy. Since Roy instilled in me a first person assessment of Trump that painted him as a good guy, I've always since looked at Trump the public personality as mostly just an act of trumped up New York salesmanship. And I still just look at Trump as a salesmanship act, because I still haven't found any sort of coherent political philosophy or vision in him lol.

Roy has written a few little books over the years; here is a very Trump blurb Trump did for one of them: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading Roy’s Soldier Boy. He brings back many memories of The New York Military Academy, and has done a fine job. Roy was always a winner, and nothing has changed.”

That little karmic link I've had with Trump by way of one of his high school friends has given me a little forgiveness advantage with Trump. Nonetheless, being someone who is a political atheist who doesn't believe in the initiation of force has been an even bigger advantage. Those two advantages are like a little nod from Spirit in the script that says, "play your role."

As a guy whose income is purposefully not high, who purposefully owns little, and whose ancestors have been in America since as early as the opening of the Northwest Territory, the vicissitudes of politics rarely have much impact on me. I try to stay as detached from government as I can. Sure, I can empathize with people who benefit from and depend upon things like Obamacare or DACA, but playing with government is Russian roulette. If your advantage comes at someone else's disadvantage things aren't voluntary (voluntary means win-win or no deal) and thus you may find the force you covet turned against you.

So anyway, I could go on and write a whole book on this subject matter if I cared about it more. But, for now, stay vigilant for cognitive dissonance and don't fall for it in others. A willingness to develop a knack for seeing through ego tricks by way of self-honesty is essential in the forgiveness game.

And finally, as homework, the more you dislike Trump the more important it is for you to start letting the view-point of Scott Adams into your life. If you want to forgive Trump you'll start watching his Periscopes and reading his blog. If not, face the fact that being right is more important to you than being happy and forgiving. Scott Adams is a smart, rational guy who calls himself an ultra-liberal, and who finds the idea that we are living in a virtual simulated universe quite probable. I like him and trust him. And he's the go-to guy for help in forgiving Trump in a successful way.

Running list of notable Trump Derangement Syndrome hysterias since posting this December of 2017:

  • Fire and Fury book hysteria
  • Nuclear button hysteria
  • Shithole hysteria
  • Trump insane hysteria
  • FISA Memo Trump obstructing witch hunt hysteria
  • Cambridge Analytica Facebook hysteria
  • MS13 "animals" hysteria
  • Children in cages hysteria. (Not to be confused with separating border-crossing parents and children, which was a legitimate concern. But the cages stuff was based on hyperbole and three main photos, all of which were false evidence.)
  • Putin more credible than U.S. intelligence hysteria

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Forgiving Being the News: My Report from the Eye of Hurricane Irma

Florida and hurricanes go hand in hand. Sometimes many years go by where Florida has no hurricane action (like 2006-2016) and sometimes years go by where Florida is under constant threat by hurricanes (like 2004-2005). Living in Florida for much of my life, I've seen so many storms that I can't keep track of them all. Nonetheless, there have been three storms that have stood out from the rest: Andrew in 1992, Wilma in 2005, and Irma in 2017.

Andrew was a close call but went far enough south to spare my area from the worst of the storm. Wilma was a direct hit. And Irma was a direct hit. Out of all three, Irma did the most damage.

In the movie Fight Club there is a great line: "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

As I sat with the electricity knocked out listening to the howling winds of Irma 9/10/2017, I kept on thinking about that line from Fight Club. On a long enough timeline, every structure in Florida will be rendered uninhabitable by a hurricane, especially structures near the coast. My family's home has stood since 1988 and has weathered three major hurricanes. But eventually a hurricane will come along that makes the house unlivable. When that inevitably happens though is unpredictable. It might take hundreds or thousands of years. And how exactly it happens is also unpredictable. It could happen due to 185 mph winds, or a massive storm surge from a storm approaching at just the right angle, or heavy rain leading to flooding (like Harvey and Houston), or even a tornado in an outer squall of a hurricane.

All in all, for many people, the perks of Florida outweigh the inevitable occasional hurricane. Although it can be oppressively hot any time of year in Florida, winters are usually quite nice. Plus, in the summer, it can get just as hot if not much hotter just about anywhere in the U.S. as it can in Florida. And the nice thing about Florida summers is that a thunderstorm will often cool things down. With air conditioning and mosquito control, Florida is a relatively nice place to live. Without those things though, it's only nice in the winter.

Every place comes with risks of natural disasters. Whether it be earthquake, tornado, blizzard, fire, volcano, flood, drought, lightning, hail, coastal flooding, tsunami, avalanche, mud slide, sink hole, asteroid, hurricane... on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone and everything drops to zero. That's just the nature of entropy and the universe. The universe wasn't made to work.

Monday 9/04/2017 I sent an email out to my immediate family members that said: "The GFS model has us all basically dead by next Monday 9/11." I also told Mike Lemieux that he might want to rethink his Florida visit scheduled to start at the end of the week. The GFS model had an 895 mb pressure hurricane hitting our area. Fortunately, the GFS model got the intensity wrong a week in advance but it had the point of landfall pegged perfectly. I knew no matter what, the storm would likely get close enough to knock out power, so at the very least I made plans to lose power. The models fluctuated throughout the week, but by the end of the week hope of avoiding Irma was dwindling. Consequently, for the first time ever we boarded up the windows of the house.

Good news came Friday as Irma interacted with Cuba weakening its southern half. But by Sunday morning Irma was looking too healthy for comfort as it slammed the Florida Keys. At that point, a direct hit was looking better than Irma staying offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Staying offshore meant that Irma could strengthen and make for massive storm surge. The storm surge potential was high enough that it could have flooded the house. Wind was better than flood.

By the time the power went out at 11 am Sunday 9/10, it was clear that a direct hit was the most likely scenario. At that point, all communication with the outside world ceased to work except for the radio. At 3:30 pm the radio let me know Irma was coming on shore at Marco Island, just twelve miles to the south of me. Things started getting more and more intense from that point on. The winds got even stronger and the rains got even heavier. Trees were falling and breaking left and right.

I figured the worst of the storm, the eye wall, would last about 15 minutes, but the storm wasn't moving very fast and after 35 minutes I started getting worried. My worry came from watching the water in the back of the house and in the front of the house rise higher and higher. A bit of storm surge combined with over six inches of rain in a little over an hour on top of the five inches that had fallen since Saturday evening on top of a very wet summer had me scrambling to get anything valuable off the floor. The radio wasn't providing the best information and I started to wonder if maybe the storm was stalling or the storm surge was building.

Just as the water reached heights I hadn't seen since tropical storm Jerry in 1995, the rain stopped and the winds started to calm. Within minutes, I was in the eye of Irma. So, I went outside to take a look around. The neighborhood looked eerily different due to the walloping the trees took. I felt as if I had time traveled. In the eye, my home weather station recorded a low pressure of 938 mb.

The house lost some shingles, some screens, and some vegetation but nothing too bad. Since Cuba weakened the southern half of Irma, I knew the worst was over. The back end of Irma brought strong winds from the opposite direction. But without much rain on the south end, there was little to bring the strongest winds down to ground level.

The hurricane was actually the fun part lol. What followed was five days of hot, muggy, isolated misery. With no power or internet/phone, the most entertaining thing to do was go walk around looking at storm damage, which led to some interesting holy encounters. With much of the region without power, looking at the stars at night was also entertaining. I had never seen the actual Milky Way band across the sky until Monday 9/11/2017.

Trump, Pence, and the governor visited a neighborhood of wrecked manufactured homes (real homes mostly fared fine) a mile from my neighborhood the Thursday after the storm 9/14. I would have taken a walk over there to check things out if I had known exactly what was going on with the presidential visit, but relying solely on the radio I wasn't informed in time to do that.

It took five days for power to come back on (six for internet/phone) and we were relatively lucky. There are still a lot of homes and businesses without power as I write this well over a week later after the storm.

I've already forgiven hurricanes in the sense that I've accepted them as an inevitable part of Florida. But there are things about hurricanes I haven't quite forgiven. One thing I realized I haven't quite forgiven is the financial vulnerability of having so much wealth tied up in "stuff" vulnerable to being destroyed by natural disasters. Just the food wasted by having no freezer for five days was financially annoying. Hurricanes are actually quite fun when you don't have anything to lose lol. When you have stuff to lose though, they are stressful. Irma made me realize just how much I'd prefer not to own anything other than money to buy the day to day necessities of life.

Another thing that I've noticed that I haven't quite forgiven about hurricanes is something I haven't thought much about for the last twelve years due to the lack of hurricanes; that something is the global-warming-CO2-hurricane-link-guilt-trip lol. In the old days people used to project guilt about weather by attributing it to things like an angry god, now it's human caused CO2. Can't there be anything in life without guilt projection lol? I've had a lifelong interest in weather and my younger brother even became a PhD atmospheric scientist. So, when it comes to a subject like global warming I'm interested in the truth divorced from the hyperbole of guilt projecting political agendas. When it comes to hurricanes, it's just as ignorant to attribute any given hurricane or hurricane season to CO2 global warming as it is to attribute a colder than average day or winter as evidence of no global warming. When you consider that there is only about 40 years of good data about hurricanes and about 100 years of decent data on land falling ones, hyperbolic talk like "worst ever" falls hollow on the ears of a person exercising rational thought. Serious people don't say things like that. Political guilt projecting zombies do though lol. Serious people also don't say things like "weather disasters are increasing due to global warming." Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. did the research and found that the perceived increase in weather disasters was the result of land development creating more areas of higher wealth density (more target areas) not discernible weather changes. But you risk a lot when you are faithful to facts that downplay climate change; Pielke was tortured by the political left after he dared to release those findings.

Global warming is abstract and ambiguous enough that you can project onto it whatever you want. You can project on to it that it's the cause of all negative weather. You can project on to it that it's a big problem that's going to destroy the world. You can project on to it that oil companies are conspiring to downplay global warming. You can project onto it that it's a hoax for a carbon tax money grab or conspiracy for a world government. You can project onto it that it's a beneficial blessing since, for instance, CO2 is plant food and so the world is about 14 percent greener than thirty years ago. Whatever you want to see you can see.

When these charts show a clear uptrend I'll be perfectly willing to accept a link between hurricanes and CO2. Until then though, it's all just guilt projection fantasies by people looking to be proven right. How can it be that global warming made Harvey move slow, Nate move fast, eliminated wind shear to incubate Irma and Maria and then also during the prior twelve years global warming kept major hurricanes away from the United States? Also, why is it that when it's hotter than normal that's global warming and when it's colder than normal that's also global warming but called climate change? That CO2 must be some really magical stuff! I believe in psychic ability but not cold reading, just as I believe in the ability of CO2 to influence climate but am unimpressed by vague predictions bound to be right eventually regardless of actual cause. Forgive me if I need more evidence for things than confirmation of predictions vague and universal enough to amount to psychic cold reading lol.

Anyway, I already wrote a piece on forgiving global warming and it's the delusion that politics (government force) is any sort of solution to it that consistently disturbs me most about global warming. Realistically, I have zero respect for anyone's concerns over global warming who isn't actively working on inventing new clean energy or air cleaning technology that is good enough to not have to rely on the force of government (including patents) for people to accept and use it. That's just the reality. I'm personally not working on new energy, which goes to show I don't really care lol. I'm not the kind of guy impressed by shallow guilt projection lol. I'm impressed by results. That's why I have zero respect for all politics lol. If you believe CO2 is a big problem, do something authentic about it instead of just bitching and guilt projecting that politicians won't, as if they really could anyway. Politics is the hobby of lazy guilt projectors. People who actually care about solutions just go out and pursue them privately and try to work around the stifling force of politics. 

Permanence is a frustrating thing to aim for in this universe. Permanence in this universe requires dependence on the undependable. Permanence is a futile attempt to substitute oneness. What we all really want is oneness. And oneness isn't of this universe. On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone and everything in this universe drops to zero. Therefore, save yourself the aggravation of trying to make what was made not to work work. The physical world doesn't work, but fortunately spirit does.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Forgiving Suicide by Hate

According to ACIM, anger is never justified, period. A Course in Miracles is uncompromising in its consistency. And so, to remain consistent, ACIM makes many things clear that go completely against the ego logic of the world.

In the ego logic of the world, anger is justified given the right conditions. But that's just an ego deception. Anger is an expression of hate. And according to ACIM, hate is ultimately self-hate. Projecting hate onto what is seemingly "other" makes hate seem external rather than internal. But that is just yet another ego trick. Hate is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere else. And since hate is in the eye of the beholder, hate seems like a virtue to the beholder because the hate is deemed just.

For instance, Hitler felt his hate for the Jews was virtuous. Amongst other things, Hitler attributed the loss of WWI and the hell Germany went through afterwards to Jewish forces, such as Jewish bankers. Therefore, what Hitler attempted to do was justified in his own twisted mind. Hitler wrote a story of guilt projection in his mind just like everyone does. The main difference is that Hitler took guilt projection to an extreme on the level of form that few people ever have the opportunity to take.

Since Hitler was such an extreme case of guilt projection, to this day it is deemed virtuous in societies all over the world to hate Hitler. Hating hate is just more hate though. Even loving hate is just more hate. Loving hate is forgiveness to destroy: making guilt real and pretending to overlook it. So, regardless of the twisted rationale for justifying hate and making it real, hate is a slippery slope to ruin. Hate left unchecked, is inevitably suicidal.

As a very blatant example, if you go around trying to kill people, you'll eventually get killed yourself by someone exercising self defense. In the heat of the moment, physical self preservation instincts kick in even for dedicated A Course in Miracles students.

Even though A Course in Miracles focuses on the mind, ACIM nonetheless states that there is indeed a rule for appropriate behavior in the world: the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you." ACIM simply adds a caveat to the Golden Rule by making it clear that to properly appreciate and practice the Golden Rule requires the sanity to perceive correctly. You must be able to see the innocence in everyone and everything. And you can only do that if you accept that the world is not reality and so accept that what goes on in the world has no real consequence.

Don't kill people if you don't want to be killed by people. Don't steal from people if you don't want people to steal from you. And so it also follows, don't let thieves and killers free to thieve and murder unless you want to thieve and murder yourself. See how that works? To violate the Golden Rule is ultimately suicidal. The Golden Rule is very practical unless the goal is suicide.

Although hate doesn't usually end up in literal death, hate is always inevitably suicidal. And since hate is suicidal, hate doesn't mix with the Golden Rule. Only hate others if you would hate yourself.

Ego glorifies suicide in the form of martyrdom. Martyrdom is not heroic. Because true heroism requires success. Anyone can try to be heroic and fail. Just trying to be a hero does not make someone a hero. Anyone can attempt suicide through martyrdom.

True heroism means complete success in the sense that everyone wins. So, you cannot be a true hero unless you can save yourself first. In that sense, the most heroic act anyone can accomplish is undoing the ego. Ego is suicide. Ego preservation is suicide. Lack of ego is unending life.

If you can't save yourself, you can't save anyone else. That's why hate never puts an end to hate but instead perpetuates it. If you yourself can't stop hating, how can you condemn anyone else for hating? You can't expect anything from anyone that you can't even expect from yourself.

Hate is never justified! And hate is never a virtue. Even though the world is ultimately illusory, we still have to deal with it for as long as we perpetuate it. Dealing with the world is how we forgive and undo the ego. But if we deal with the world without forgiveness, we just perpetuate the world.

Unless suicide is the goal, hate is not an effective way to deal with the world. Hate is inherently about ego preservation. A person hell bent on ego preservation would rather be miserable, right and even dead than happy, wrong and alive.

Dealing with the world means accepting it as it is, which means accepting that it is not heaven. The world wasn't made to work. Oneness is what works, not the world. So, you have to accept that, on the level of form, even successful forgiveness can look messy.

As an example, I don't enjoy getting bit by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be potentially deadly. That doesn't mean I hate mosquitoes, but it also doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and let mosquitoes eat me alive. Mosquitoes would happily eat me alive if I let them. If I could talk to mosquitoes I'd say leave me alone or risk being smashed to death. But I can't talk to mosquitoes, I've tried. Therefore, I instead take precautions to keep mosquitoes away. Seeing as the mosquitoes don't care if they kill or hurt me I don't care if I kill or hurt mosquitoes. But I ideally try to avoid them all together.

Now say I was of the delusion that hating killing is virtuous. And so, say I hated killing so much that I refused to even kill mosquitoes. Well, that hate for killing would set up a potentially suicidal situation. At best I'd be itching mosquito bites all the time and at worst I'd eventually receive a deadly bite. I'd rather just forgive killing and forgive myself killing mosquitoes; it's a lot easier than trying to pretend that the world is something it isn't. The world is a kill or be killed kind of place where one's own entropy is kept low and at disequilibrium from the environment by raising the entropy of the system as a whole.

I will add that it is true that with the power of your mind you could nudge the probabilities of the universe so you are mostly immune to mosquitoes. But you could also in theory use the power of your mind to do things like teleport and raise the dead. Can you do that right now? If not, it's perfectly fine to make yourself immune to mosquitoes by staying indoors, living in places without mosquito problems, wearing long sleeves, using a few sprays of "Off," smashing mosquitoes, or any of many forms of simple "magic." Don't be afraid to use "magic" when it is easy. Rejecting simple "magic" to play pretend enlightenment can be just another recipe for suicide. Don't commit suicide by way of hate of "magic."

My general sentiment on the subject of mind versus "magic" is reflected in this simple story:
A man moved near a river and, wanting to find a way to travel across the water, he spent ten years developing the ability to levitate using his mind so he could float across the river. Buddha, who was preaching in town, was confronted by this man, who said, "Look master, look what I have achieved. I can levitate across the water." And Buddha said, "Yeah, but the ferry only costs a nickel..." 
Unlike with mosquitoes, I can talk to human beings using the simple "magic" of words. And my deal with other human beings is don't try to harm me and you won't have to worry about me harming you; violate that agreement though and I'm not going to feel guilty about you choosing some variation of suicide lol. If all people were sane enough to follow the Golden Rule, humans would get along no problem because we'd just interact voluntarily. But basically no one here is completely sane. And as a group, humans aren't even sane enough to put major emphasis on the simple logic of adhering to the Golden Rule. We send kids to school to learn things like math and reading, but there's no Golden Rule classes for most kids. Nor is there a Golden Rule section on the SATs.

That's understandable though. Society as we know it would crumble if everyone understood and lived by the Golden Rule. If everyone understood and lived by the Golden Rule, everything in society that currently violates self-ownership and the non-aggression principle would naturally disappear.

Insane people can't teach sanity, nor would they want to. Insanity grows in darkness. The insane teach that problems are external not internal. And so very few people in this world, even ones that are devoted to spiritual practices, get past hate. If the hate is seen as external, then hate is safe and is even deemed virtuous.

Whether the suicidal hate comes in the form of a beheading Trump photo shoot, a racist tirade, a racist tirade in response to a racist tirade, smashing a monument, a murder, a tweet fight, shallow virtue signaling, harping over ancient history such as slavery that took place over a hundred and fifty years ago, harping over ancient history like the crusades, or a blatant suicide bombing, it is all the same. It is all an attempt to make oneself innocent by deeming someone or something else as guilty. Hate, no matter how subtle or how decorated it is in veneers of virtue, inevitably boomerangs back as self-destruction. Hate and thus guilt is nowhere but in the eye of the beholder.

To act out of hate, guilt and anger is a recipe for failure. Don't let your ego desires trick you into suicide by hate! Don't be a hate martyr loser!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Forgiving Global Warming (Climate Change)

Regardless of where you live on earth or in what country, global warming is a pertinent issue because it is global.

The establishment narrative about global warming is that carbon dioxide (CO2, the gas you are exhaling right now) released mostly through the burning of fossil fuels is warming the climate and it will have disastrous effects if not stopped and reversed very soon. Conversely, the rebuttal to that narrative is that yes CO2 levels are rising, yes human activity produces CO2 and yes there is some sort of rising temperature trend, but to conclude that all are directly correlated and that the correlation will result in global doom is premature science at best. The rebuttal to the establishment narrative about global warming comes from the skeptic scientists and the skeptics don't trust things such as current assumptions about feedback and amplification in regards to CO2.

I am not a climate scientist or any other kind of formal scientist. That makes me just like global warming evangelists such as Bill Nye, Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore lol. However, unlike those people, I'm not going to take sides and make a case for either side in the global warming debate. Instead, since the objective is to forgive global warming, I'm going to just focus on the psychological aspects of global warming and the tactics of the warring factions.

Realistically, if it wasn't for the impending global doom aspect to the theory of CO2 fueled global warming, science would not feign such certainty about the topic. But there is an impending global doom aspect to the theory of CO2 fueled global warming. And the fear that comes with impending global doom has made CO2 fueled global warming into a kind of political religion rather than a calm, honest scientific inquiry into the effects of CO2 on climate.

Deep down, the psychological appeal of the theory of catastrophic CO2 fueled global warming is no different than that of conventional religions. As the global warming mythos goes:
Long ago the climate was perfect and humans were in harmony with nature. But then humans gave into temptation and sinned. Humans ate from the tree of knowledge to usher in the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution brought great advances as humans continued to eat from the tree of knowledge. But it all came at a cost: humans unleashed the devil in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2). Now, the devil of CO2 has taken over the world and is thus contributing to every bad and anomalous thing on earth. The earth is doomed to flood and become literal hell unless humans repent. Fortunately, there is a plan for salvation. In order to be saved from the hell of a heating earth, humans must first accept the blood of the warming earth and repent for the sin of CO2 emissions. Humans must then submit to and support the higher authority of a Global Governing Body who will tax and regulate CO2. By sacrificing money through taxation and sacrificing freedom through regulation, the sins of CO2 will be forgiven. 

As ridiculous as it is in its similarity to common religious beliefs, that is the current global warming mythos believed and promoted by devotees. And skeptics are the heretics that dare question any parts of that mythos.

Like a religion, the heretic scientists that vocally question CO2 fueled global warming alarmism become ostracized. For that reason, the scientists who most vocally question CO2 fueled global warming tend to be older tenured or retired scientists. My personal favorites from the skeptic crowd are former warmist Dr. Judith Curry, the now late hurricane forecasting pioneer Dr. William Gray, and climate scientist Dr. John Christy. You have to search out the skeptics to hear their side of the story because the establishment media (other than maybe Fox News Channel in the U.S.) only pushes the warmist side of the argument. Consequently, just about everyone gets exposed to the CO2 warming side but only those who look for it ever find the skeptic side.

As I mentioned in the post I wrote titled Forgiving Debate, the basic logic fallacies of ad hominem and straw man are ample in the back and forth between the warming promoters and skeptics. One would think that with such certainty the warming promoters could directly address the skeptics on every point without resorting to ad hominem and straw man attacks, but that is not the case at all. Dilbert comic creator Scott Adams has been on a mission of late to improve climate debate. Scott Adams has been using his powers of persuasion to nudge climate scientists into doing a better job of communicating their side of things. So far he's managed to get warming promoting climate scientists to debunk their own models lol.

Overall, whether by logic or logic fallacy, for just about every piece of evidence that the CO2 fueled global warming promoters have, the skeptics have a rebuttal to cast doubt. In turn, for just about every rebuttal the skeptics have to cast doubt, the CO2 fueled global warming promoters have a rebuttal to cast doubt on the rebuttal. And it just goes back and forth. Just research the often touted 97 percent scientific consensus on global warming sometime and you'll see the warmists defending the stat to the death while you'll see the skeptics poking an endless number of holes in the stat thus reducing it to having about as much meaning as saying 97 percent of Catholics have some beliefs that support Catholicism. Consequently, who you end up believing will just depend on who you want to believe. And that same back and forth plays out on every level of global warming science.

As an example, the climate models attempting to model what effects CO2 should have on warming have consistently given forecasts predicting much higher warming than what has been observed. And that is despite constant tweaking to hindsight model the past. That gives fuel to the skeptics. But there are enough models that some get it right from time to time and so those models are put forth by warming evangelists to tout the accuracy of the science behind the models.

As another example, there are a lot of different historical temperature and atmospheric CO2 data sets. A particularly popular data set is one that shows the correlation between higher atmospheric CO2 and higher temperatures from Antarctica over the course of 400,000 years. Warmists point to that data set as undeniable evidence for CO2 causing warming.

The skeptics argue though that higher temperatures cause trapped CO2 to be released, like a glass of 7-UP losing carbonation as it warms. Consequently, rising CO2 levels are an effect and not a cause of warming. Instead, the skeptics like to refer to a 600 million year data set that shows no reliable correlation between temperature and atmospheric CO2.

Furthermore, some temperature and atmospheric CO2 data sets present a vastly different picture of the past than others. Consequently, each side latches onto data sets supporting their own stances while dismissing data sets that don't.

That's part of the problem with inferring from data sets. All the historical global data sets are at best made of dispersed samples processed by humans. Even most data sets of current global temperatures rely on dispersed samples processed by humans. Like it or not, there is a margin of error to all data sets and the degree of that margin is open to debate. That margin of error leaves room for doubt for people looking for it. And when headlines read things like "2016 Hottest Year on Record" based on dispersed temperature data that beat by 0.01 degree with a margin of error of at least 0.1, skepticism is a logical response. (Here is a good but somewhat old presentation looking at the margin of error in collecting temperature data.)

The favored global temperature measurement system of the global warming skeptics comes from satellites measuring temperatures of the lower troposphere, which is where the global warming should be most evident. Although satellites have only been collecting global data since 1979 and the methodology has had some issues that have been tweaked over the years, the broadness of the measurements made possible by the satellites has resulted in some arguably superior data. According to the satellite data, the 13 month running average difference between the coldest years globally of 85 and 92 versus the hottest years of 98 and 16 (both El Nino induced) is a mere 0.8 degrees Celsius (1.4 Fahrenheit). If the satellite data temperatures are ever to drop down to 85 or 92 levels again, that will be at least a big temporary blow to the CO2 warming case. So far that hasn't happened yet though.

Overall, those who venture to find raw data rather than processed data consistently fail to find the same global warming trend that is displayed by the processed data. As an example, these two charts below show Ohio temperature data from 1895-2016. The first chart shows the raw data. The second chart shows the NOAA processed data that cools the past to warm the present. Warped data equals warped conclusions.

But anyway, regardless of the science, it's really just psychology that separates the believers from the skeptics. And the psychology for most people is shaped by politics. Once someone takes a stance one way or the other on the issue of global warming, confirmation bias sets in. Confirmation bias helps a person feel vindicated. A sense of vindication is important because being right allows a person to project guilt on those who are seemingly wrong. Once confirmation bias sets in, people see what they want to believe. So a drought, a hurricane, tidal flooding, or a chunk of melting ice becomes construed in the mind of a warmist as evidence for global warming. Conversely, a cold snap, newly frozen ice, or a quiet hurricane season becomes construed in the mind of a skeptic as evidence for lack of global warming. And someone looking for climate change instead of just global warming can see evidence for changing climate whenever anything is above or below average, which is most of the time since averages are generally the average of extremes one way or the other.

Most people, regardless of politics, are anti-pollution. Pollution is a simple property rights issue that arises from socializing pollution rather than requiring containing pollution to one's own property. Seeing as CO2 is what we exhale when we breathe, it's a stretch for many people to see it as a legitimate pollutant. But even if CO2 were a legitimate pollutant, almost all people would be happy to do away with it if there was a convenient alternative. But there currently isn't a convenient alternative (?). And that is the main source of contention in the global warming issue.

What drives resistance to the theory of CO2 fueled global warming more than anything is the currently proposed solution, which is political. The currently proposed solution is a global government gun in everyone's face that says stop producing CO2 or pay. That's not a solution, that's a recipe for a scam. And it's doubly a recipe for a scam since not every country or group would concede to that gun in the face without putting up a fight and thus a war. And if you've read my previous piece on the free-range debt-slave plantation you should be able to see how convenient such a solution would be to making the debt-slave scam more globally centralized.

A real solution would be something like a new clean energy source that is as good or better at producing energy relative to cost as fossil fuels. Such a solution would be naturally and voluntarily accepted. Another solution would be some sort of cheap, efficient air scrubber that removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Forecasts about what could happen to human society due to global warming and how humans should react require economic models. Economic models have notoriously horrible predictive power. Economic models are so bad they are often worse than no model lol. So, even if the theory of CO2 fueled global warming is correct, without a real global solution there are a lot of cases to be made for inaction. One such case is the fact that more CO2 and warmer temperatures has benefits and not just negatives. For instance, it's much easier to grow plants in a warm CO2 rich world than a cold CO2 starved world. Plus, who is to say what the ideal climate is? The current default assumption is that the climate of the 20th century was the ideal climate.

And who's to say humanity doesn't face bigger more pressing problems than theoretical effects of CO2? Is bringing the third world out of poverty through cheap fossil fuel energy of more value than reducing CO2? Depends on who you ask. Last time I checked, most beachfront property still costs at least a small fortune, and the money interests are still eager to invest in developing land vulnerable to even small amounts of sea level rise, so the market obviously isn't too concerned about CO2 induced sea level rise anytime soon... nor is it worried about increased or stronger hurricanes.

My personal prediction and hope is that real solutions, such as in the form of new, better, cheaper energy sources will come to market steadily enough to stop and even reverse human produced CO2 regardless of how potentially dangerous it is to climate. Conversely, my fear is that people will become so hysterical about CO2 that a solution will be implemented that will impoverish people, enslave people, facilitate centralized global tyranny, or will simply over-adjust climate in the opposite direction and usher in destructive cooling.

If you really believe in catastrophic CO2 fueled global warming, forgive it by looking for a real solution, not by projecting guilt on those who don't share in your fears or forceful solutions. You're kind of being a cold tyrant if you can't empathize with people who don't trust solutions that just involve a gun in people's faces. A real solution won't require force and therefore won't require political action. Therefore, you won't have to worry about those who don't share your fears if you have a legit solution. A problem without a legit solution is just a recipe for guilt projection. And if you don't want to look for a real solution, just forgive yourself by admitting that you really don't care about global warming, you just like guilt projection lol.

Conversely, if you don't believe in catastrophic CO2 fueled global warming, forgive it by not projecting guilt on those who believe it, who are fearful, who think force is a solution, who hate fossil fuels despite using them, or who think they are saving humanity by simply holding onto a belief. And just in case your disbelief is incorrect, embrace any legitimate solutions proposed; you can still resist false solutions just not legitimate solutions. And if your disbelief in catastrophic CO2 fueled global warming is because you own an oil well or something, forgive by not resisting a legitimate replacement for the CO2 producing energy from which you profit.

It's all about being honest and getting out of the guilt projection trap. You can sit there and pretend to forgive all you want, but often you won't forgive until you're willing to sit down and rewrite the story in your mind that you wrote to justify your guilt projection.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Forgiving The Free-Range Debt-Slave Plantation Scam (The Tax/Debt/Money/Inflation Scam)

Although the news pretty much never covers this subject at all, it covers its symptoms constantly. Much of the whole world is set up as a free-range debt-slave plantation; it's basically the biggest scam going. Since this is a big, complex subject, you'll have to watch the hour and forty five minute video presentation at the end of this post (made in 2010) to get up-to-speed on the debt-slave plantation scam. The guy who made the video, Damon Vrabel, was vocal about exposing this whole scam several years ago. But after spending a few years at it, he gave up due to seeing no hope for snapping the populace out of its left vs. right stupor. So he disappeared from the web to forgive it all on his own. I came to the same conclusion as Damon Vrabel after being interested in this subject for a number of years. I wrote a book about the subject in 2008, Dissolving Dollars.

The basic formula of the free-range debt-slave system is that all money in the system is issued as debt plus interest. To pay the interest on the debt requires evermore debt. If all debt in the system were paid off one day, all money would cease to exist since it was borrowed into existence. Since governments are the only entities that never pay off debt and instead only grow it, national debts represent the base money supply of the system. This all sets up a pyramid scheme where real wealth created by the many on the bottom is siphoned off by those higher in the pyramid who are able to issue debt and collect interest on it. Money doesn't have to exist as debt but it makes for a great scam when it is.

In the U.S., the establishment Democrat and Republican parties both exist to keep the debt-slave plantation running. And each party has its own sleight of hand to keep the slaves focused on symptoms of the scam rather than the scam itself. The left portrays things like corporations, big business, and profit as the problem while the right portrays things like socialism and big government as the problem. That sleight of hand keeps the left and right fighting each other in a zombie stupor over symptoms of the scam instead of joining teams to tackle the scam itself. And so it is all a back and forth treating symptoms to keep the cause safely hidden. In the end, the battle between left and right is simply a battle between who pays more and who pays less to keep the scam going and sustainable; socialism (big government) works just as well as capitalism (big business) to keep the scam going. As long as at least half the slaves are sufficiently content at any given time, the system is safe.

Take a look at this pyramid. This summarizes the whole system. See how the incessant fighting between the left and the right just serves variations of the same one scam?

Although true forgiveness isn't an intellectual thing, it is often helpful to be knowledgeable about what you are forgiving. Without knowledge, you're likely to project guilt onto symptoms rather than causes. And so you'll try to fix the symptoms instead of the causes. No amount of forgiving solves anything if the solution requires letting go of the guilt that keeps you ignorant of the cause. The ultimate cause is mind of course. And since the world is a derivative of mind the problems of the world born of being unaware of worldly causes just represent the denial of accepting mind as the ultimate cause. When you know the cause of a problem you know the solution and so it is no longer a problem to be solved just resolved.

So, the whole point of urging everyone to sit down and really soak in the content of the video at the end of this post is so you can stop projecting guilt on symptoms and instead get to causes. Because it is easier to forgive a cause than chasing countless symptoms as separate things to forgive. Once you are cognizant enough to see the worldly cause, you can more easily bring it back to the ultimate cause: mind.

You should find it interesting how often Trump is mentioned in this 2010 video presentation. Even though Trump as a personality is the perfect face upon which to project the guilt of the system, his rhetoric is often a challenge to key aspects of the debt-slave plantation. The Democrats, Republican establishment (Neocons), and establishment media loath Trump. For as long as Trump lasts as president, how critically he is portrayed will be a barometer measuring how much he is caving in to the elite power structure (deep state) or instead threatening to disrupt it. The highest point in the media for Trump so far was when he bombed Syria, which pleased the power elite. And interestingly, the whole attempt to vilify Trump due to his friendliness with Russia is perfectly transparent when you understand the system. At the 1:03:00 mark of this presentation, it talks about how the different countries fit into the whole debt scam and how Russia is the big outlier that has tried to remain separate from the global scam. Also worth noting is that at the 1:21:00 mark, Bitcoin would be mentioned if the presentation were made today. Bitcoin and crypto-currencies are a non-political attempt at a solution for destroying the debt-slave plantation. And when the video mentions Hamilton versus Jefferson, especially at around the 1:30:00 mark, think about the recent weird popularity of the musical Hamilton contrasted with the recent constant vilification of Jefferson. It's embarrassing to see how manipulated people are by their left/right identifications into being puppets of the system. Left vs. right is a trick, the real option is between bigger more centralized control or smaller more decentralized freedom. The more centralized the control, the more force and the easier it is to maintain the debt-slave plantation scam.

Lots of news becomes a lot easier to forgive if you have the background explained in this video under your belt. So, stuff I cover in the future will refer back to this. To me, I forgive all this fairly easily by realizing that the system as a whole exploits people's egos. Even most people high in the pyramid don't really understand the structure. The structure is relatively automatic due to how well it caters to and exploits people's egos. So I see no difference between the lowly dupes that blindly sustain the system and those who run the system. Because the same ego dynamic is working on all levels. Yes, the system could change if people woke up but I'm personally not going to bang my head against the wall trying to wake people up. As long as force is acceptable to people in society, especially in the form of government, some people are going to exploit that force to set up scams.

And finally, I want to throw in the caveat that even with this knowledge it will still be easy to come to faulty conclusions. For instance, a lot of people who learn about this stuff in turn project a lot of guilt on the Federal Reserve. But as far as central banks go, the Federal Reserve is relatively tame. Getting rid of the Federal Reserve without changing the system as a whole wouldn't be better and could easily be much worse. There are even theories that there are good guys in key places like the Federal Reserve and governments who are trying to sneak in a new, better system. Look up "Road to Roota theory" as an example of that. So, don't get suckered projecting guilt. The contemporary monetary system exploits and caters to people's egos, that's why it is what it is, no need to project guilt.