Friday, April 14, 2017

Forgiving the News

I've had an idea for a blog or even a youtube channel floating in my mind for awhile called "Forgiving the News." The basic idea is to write articles or make videos applying the true forgiveness taught by A Course in Miracles to current events. A few things have been stopping me from pursuing the idea though. The main thing is that I question if it'd get much of a faithful audience. Realistically, to regularly update the blog I'd need enough of an audience for it to generate some revenue, because without pay I'd lack the motivation to produce steady content. After all, I can forgive the news on my own without going through the effort of writing articles or making videos lol.

Another thing stopping me has been that by forgiving the news I wouldn't be engaging in guilt projection. That's obviously a positive. But realistically, much of the psychological appeal of news for people is guilt projection. Most people pick their preferred news sources based on guilt projection. And most of that guilt projection falls into the right versus left binary (in the U.S. anyway).

At its core, the left versus right binary revolves around arguing about how to use government force. For that reason, I personally don't believe in the left or the right. Politically, I'm a voluntaryist, which means my whole political philosophy is basically the Golden Rule: do unto others as you'd have others do to you. Which means human interaction should be voluntary and so without force. Voluntary interaction equals win-win because voluntary means any interaction must satisfy the subjective definitions of win-win for the individuals involved or the interaction ceases. The Golden Rule precludes force and therefore, when taken to its logical conclusion, it necessarily precludes government.

"The Golden Rule is the rule for appropriate behavior. You cannot behave appropriately unless you perceive correctly. Since you and your neighbor are equal members of one family, as you perceive both so you will do to both. You should look out from the perception of your own holiness to the holiness of others." (T.1.III.6.4,5,6,7)

Due to my adherence to the Golden Rule, I don't believe in the left or right or government in general. Consequently, I usually fail to provide the guilt projection sought by those who take sides in the standard left right binary; those stuck in the left binary usually accuse me of being a right-winger and those stuck in the right binary usually accuse me of being a left-winger lol. So, while being a nonbeliever in the left or the right or the government in general makes me uniquely qualified to pursue "Forgiving the New," it also makes me unable to satisfy those stuck in the left right binary. Forgiving the news means finding innocence in everyone, not just one side.

So anyway, this is the "Forgiving the News" site if I ever decide to seriously pursue it. Nonetheless, I intend to at least make occasional posts here.