Thursday, June 8, 2017

Forgiving Suicide by Hate

According to ACIM, anger is never justified, period. A Course in Miracles is uncompromising in its consistency. And so, to remain consistent, ACIM makes many things clear that go completely against the ego logic of the world.

In the ego logic of the world, anger is justified given the right conditions. But that's just an ego deception. Anger is an expression of hate. And according to ACIM, hate is ultimately self-hate. Projecting hate onto what is seemingly "other" makes hate seem external rather than internal. But that is just yet another ego trick. Hate is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere else. And since hate is in the eye of the beholder, hate seems like a virtue to the beholder because the hate is deemed just.

For instance, Hitler felt his hate for the Jews was virtuous. Amongst other things, Hitler attributed the loss of WWI and the hell Germany went through afterwards to Jewish forces, such as Jewish bankers. Therefore, what Hitler attempted to do was justified in his own twisted mind. Hitler wrote a story of guilt projection in his mind just like everyone does. The main difference is that Hitler took guilt projection to an extreme on the level of form that few people ever have the opportunity to take.

Since Hitler was such an extreme case of guilt projection, to this day it is deemed virtuous in societies all over the world to hate Hitler. Hating hate is just more hate though. Even loving hate is just more hate. Loving hate is forgiveness to destroy: making guilt real and pretending to overlook it. So, regardless of the twisted rationale for justifying hate and making it real, hate is a slippery slope to ruin. Hate left unchecked, is inevitably suicidal.

As a very blatant example, if you go around trying to kill people, you'll eventually get killed yourself by someone exercising self defense. In the heat of the moment, physical self preservation instincts kick in even for dedicated A Course in Miracles students.

Even though A Course in Miracles focuses on the mind, ACIM nonetheless states that there is indeed a rule for appropriate behavior in the world: the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you." ACIM simply adds a caveat to the Golden Rule by making it clear that to properly appreciate and practice the Golden Rule requires the sanity to perceive correctly. You must be able to see the innocence in everyone and everything. And you can only do that if you accept that the world is not reality and so accept that what goes on in the world has no real consequence.

Don't kill people if you don't want to be killed by people. Don't steal from people if you don't want people to steal from you. And so it also follows, don't let thieves and killers free to thieve and murder unless you want to thieve and murder yourself. See how that works? To violate the Golden Rule is ultimately suicidal. The Golden Rule is very practical unless the goal is suicide.

Although hate doesn't usually end up in literal death, hate is always inevitably suicidal. And since hate is suicidal, hate doesn't mix with the Golden Rule. Only hate others if you would hate yourself.

Ego glorifies suicide in the form of martyrdom. Martyrdom is not heroic. Because true heroism requires success. Anyone can try to be heroic and fail. Just trying to be a hero does not make someone a hero. Anyone can attempt suicide through martyrdom.

True heroism means complete success in the sense that everyone wins. So, you cannot be a true hero unless you can save yourself first. In that sense, the most heroic act anyone can accomplish is undoing the ego. Ego is suicide. Ego preservation is suicide. Lack of ego is unending life.

If you can't save yourself, you can't save anyone else. That's why hate never puts an end to hate but instead perpetuates it. If you yourself can't stop hating, how can you condemn anyone else for hating? You can't expect anything from anyone that you can't even expect from yourself.

Hate is never justified! And hate is never a virtue. Even though the world is ultimately illusory, we still have to deal with it for as long as we perpetuate it. Dealing with the world is how we forgive and undo the ego. But if we deal with the world without forgiveness, we just perpetuate the world.

Unless suicide is the goal, hate is not an effective way to deal with the world. Hate is inherently about ego preservation. A person hell bent on ego preservation would rather be miserable, right and even dead than happy, wrong and alive.

Dealing with the world means accepting it as it is, which means accepting that it is not heaven. The world wasn't made to work. Oneness is what works, not the world. So, you have to accept that, on the level of form, even successful forgiveness can look messy.

As an example, I don't enjoy getting bit by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be potentially deadly. That doesn't mean I hate mosquitoes, but it also doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and let mosquitoes eat me alive. Mosquitoes would happily eat me alive if I let them. If I could talk to mosquitoes I'd say leave me alone or risk being smashed to death. But I can't talk to mosquitoes, I've tried. Therefore, I instead take precautions to keep mosquitoes away. Seeing as the mosquitoes don't care if they kill or hurt me I don't care if I kill or hurt mosquitoes. But I ideally try to avoid them all together.

Now say I was of the delusion that hating killing is virtuous. And so, say I hated killing so much that I refused to even kill mosquitoes. Well, that hate for killing would set up a potentially suicidal situation. At best I'd be itching mosquito bites all the time and at worst I'd eventually receive a deadly bite. I'd rather just forgive killing and forgive myself killing mosquitoes; it's a lot easier than trying to pretend that the world is something it isn't. The world is a kill or be killed kind of place where one's own entropy is kept low and at disequilibrium from the environment by raising the entropy of the system as a whole.

I will add that it is true that with the power of your mind you could nudge the probabilities of the universe so you are mostly immune to mosquitoes. But you could also in theory use the power of your mind to do things like teleport and raise the dead. Can you do that right now? If not, it's perfectly fine to make yourself immune to mosquitoes by staying indoors, living in places without mosquito problems, wearing long sleeves, using a few sprays of "Off," smashing mosquitoes, or any of many forms of simple "magic." Don't be afraid to use "magic" when it is easy. Rejecting simple "magic" to play pretend enlightenment can be just another recipe for suicide. Don't commit suicide by way of hate of "magic."

My general sentiment on the subject of mind versus "magic" is reflected in this simple story:
A man moved near a river and, wanting to find a way to travel across the water, he spent ten years developing the ability to levitate using his mind so he could float across the river. Buddha, who was preaching in town, was confronted by this man, who said, "Look master, look what I have achieved. I can levitate across the water." And Buddha said, "Yeah, but the ferry only costs a nickel..." 
Unlike with mosquitoes, I can talk to human beings using the simple "magic" of words. And my deal with other human beings is don't try to harm me and you won't have to worry about me harming you; violate that agreement though and I'm not going to feel guilty about you choosing some variation of suicide lol. If all people were sane enough to follow the Golden Rule, humans would get along no problem because we'd just interact voluntarily. But basically no one here is completely sane. And as a group, humans aren't even sane enough to put major emphasis on the simple logic of adhering to the Golden Rule. We send kids to school to learn things like math and reading, but there's no Golden Rule classes for most kids. Nor is there a Golden Rule section on the SATs.

That's understandable though. Society as we know it would crumble if everyone understood and lived by the Golden Rule. If everyone understood and lived by the Golden Rule, everything in society that currently violates self-ownership and the non-aggression principle would naturally disappear.

Insane people can't teach sanity, nor would they want to. Insanity grows in darkness. The insane teach that problems are external not internal. And so very few people in this world, even ones that are devoted to spiritual practices, get past hate. If the hate is seen as external, then hate is safe and is even deemed virtuous.

Whether the suicidal hate comes in the form of a beheading Trump photo shoot, a racist tirade, a racist tirade in response to a racist tirade, smashing a monument, a murder, a tweet fight, shallow virtue signaling, harping over ancient history such as slavery that took place over a hundred and fifty years ago, harping over ancient history like the crusades, or a blatant suicide bombing, it is all the same. It is all an attempt to make oneself innocent by deeming someone or something else as guilty. Hate, no matter how subtle or how decorated it is in veneers of virtue, inevitably boomerangs back as self-destruction. Hate and thus guilt is nowhere but in the eye of the beholder.

To act out of hate, guilt and anger is a recipe for failure. Don't let your ego desires trick you into suicide by hate! Don't be a hate martyr loser!