Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Predicting the Future and Forgiving Loser Scripts

Seeing into the future is a major hobby of mine. I'm always on the lookout for people with a knack for forecasting the future because I know from experience that it is indeed possible to tune into information from the future. And having a heads-up about the future is fun and useful. Most predictors of the future are either sub-par psychics or completely full of it. The least believable predictors tend to be the people who claim to have time traveled. Apex TV on Youtube is a good place to go to find phony time travel stories. With time travelers, you'd expect them to have some sort of extraordinary evidence or something to say outside the realm of what one could find in contemporary science fiction, but they rarely do. And the time travelers conveniently have the excuse that they have to be vague to prevent time feedback distortions. That could be true but it ruins the ability to test authenticity.

Over the years, I've weeded out two people who predict the future that I find consistently believable and sufficiently accurate. And I consider those two people my favorite future forecasters.

The first of my two favorite forecasters of the future is the economist Martin Armstrong who forecasts the future based on a computer model he developed called the Economic Confidence Model. The Economic Confidence Model maps cycles of human psychology and behavior as well as other things. Not only is Martin Armstrong's model very interesting and accurate, but his life story involving the model is very interesting. Armstrong had a standoff with the U.S. government over his model that led to him being held in prison for many years simply on contempt of court. A documentary was made about it all and supposedly a Hollywood movie is also in the works about it. Here is a trailer for the documentary about Armstrong.

My other favorite forecaster of the future is Clif High. Back in the 1990s, Clif High started developing a computer system called the Web Bot that mulls through language being used on the internet looking for anomalous words. Clif High's system is based on the idea that all people are psychic and their psychic abilities come out in the words they use. Clif High calls his system Predictive Linguistics. Over the years, Clif High's Web Bot has been refined to become better and better. But in recent history, due to certain parties gaming the Web Bot and thus corrupting some of its output, Clif High has tuned his system to forecast the emerging realm of crypto-currencies. Clif's Web Bot is open to interpretation and Clif's interpretation is usually more hyperbolic than what actually occurs.

Now, even though those two are pretty much my go-to future forecasters, I also enjoy the predictions of others. For example, the future forecasts of the team of Arten and Pursah (Gary Renard) are part of my arsenal of predicting the future. Arten and Pursah are obviously the most insightful when it comes to spirituality. But over the years I've found the predictions of Armstrong and Clif High much more useful than Arten and Pursah. Conversely, I haven't found Armstrong to be very insightful in terms of spirituality, he's good at philosophy though. Clif High on the other hand is quite insightful in the realm of spirituality, but he is still often too dualistic.

When predictions from multiple sources overlap, that's when I start to pay the most attention. And when I really start to pay attention is when predictions not only overlap but are at odds with the ego preferences of the people making the predictions. For that reason, I never take any prognosticator seriously until I know some things about the person, especially his or her political preferences. Because it's a big red flag if politics and predictions overlap too much.

The fact that the predictions of Armstrong and Clif High come from computers rather than their own psychic abilities helps keep their egos from tainting the forecasts too much. That's probably the main reason why they are my favorites, their predictions are computer predictions rather than ego predictions.

Although the script is written and thus so is the future, the script is multiple choice. For that reason, I reject predictions of "loser scripts" no matter who makes them. Loser scripts are predictions of negative preventable things. After all, if something undesirable can be predicted it should usually be avoidable. I accept the necessity of some creative destruction now and then but that's just because destruction that is beneficial is still a winner script.

Back before I got into ACIM, I was a big fan of the writer Robert Anton Wilson who died in 2007. Robert Anton Wilson taught that you should think of the world as a conspiracy not run by others but run by you and your friends, because that's a winner script. If you don't do that, you're living a loser script.

Back when I read The Disappearance of the Universe over thirteen years ago and I read the part about the nuclear terror attack, my reaction was, "Um, okay, yeah, I think I'm going to pass on that future."  Fast forward to the present time and I was pleased when I read pages 109-110 in Gary Renard's new book, The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other. Gary mentions how Iran's former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is no longer around to facilitate the predicted nuclear terror attack. That's because the forgiveness homework necessary to avoid that particular scenario was completed.

That's an example of why, to all loser scripts I say, "F that!" And by F I of course mean Forgive lol. The winner scripts though, I embrace. The main winner script on the level of form that I'm still trying to forgive my way to is the "free energy technology" script. Clif High's data consistently indicates the possibility of free energy technology and the possibility of free energy is also mentioned on page 69 in Love Has Forgotten No One. Free energy would put an end to one of the biggest loser scripts out there currently: the global warming loser script. As many people are aware, I'm not a fan of the global warming loser script. I'll take a pass on that script if I can thank you lol.

The biggest loser scripts are where people tie their ego identities to being right about something negative so they can project guilt and say I told you so or so they can scare people into doing things like opening up their wallets; they are recipes for failure since failure in those instances has a big ego appeal. Global warming fits that perfectly. Another formula for loser scripts is that they often require collective agreement for success and so often also call for force. Global warming fits that perfectly too when the solution to it is presumed to be political. Politics in general is for losers lol (the default hobby of the lazy guilt projector). Winners just go out and do stuff voluntarily, they don't let government and the collective get in their way nor do they use government force to get their way. The global warming winners are out there working on things like new energy, while the guilt projecting losers are sitting around doing things like bitching about Trump lol. The same is true with a subject like net neutrality. The losers bitch about the need for government guns to regulate the internet while the winners are out trying to make a true free internet free of all censorship including the inherent censorship of net neutrality. An example of the free internet approach by winners is the Substratum project.

Fortunately, there are many winner scripts possible in this universe to avoid loser scripts. For instance, free energy is one way the global warming disaster could be averted. But there are many other possible ways too. Martin Armstrong's computer model predicts a cooling period imminent due to things like less solar output. So, for instance, a prolonged sun energy output minimum could usher in a mini ice age canceling out any significant global warming for many decades making global warming a godsend and giving time for technology to advance to remedy global warming. Or, an invention like a cheap, efficient air scrubber could make the global warming loser script dead. Or even new science revealing that earth has more natural mechanisms for controlling CO2 than previously known could kill it. Any of those things would be just fine by me, because I'd rather be happy than right about predicted disaster.

Happy instead of right is the formula for winner scripts. Because the ultimate winner script is of course forgiving everything and being done with the illusory ego universe. Forgiving is the winner script. When you forgive you are always winning. Because if you are confident you are on the way out, you are happy to accept whatever is in the script as the winning script.

In my own life, I almost always bet on optimism when possible. But I don't go all in on optimism; I also hedge for some pessimism. In other words, I bet on winner scripts but hedge for the occasional loser scripts on the level of form. That way I can be happy instead of always having to be right. Because I don't know what is best in the big picture on the level of form. Sure, I miss out on some of the maximum gains of going all in on optimistic winner scripts, but I also spare myself the maximum losses or lack of gains of potential loser scripts. And above all, regardless of how the script looks on the level of form, I'm able to see it as being part of the ultimate winner script of forgiveness.

As an example, I don't participate in the loser game of partisan politics. I'm a voluntaryist. The Golden Rule is the only law for me. Consequently, I have no respect for the left or the right. Government is just a game of people fighting over who controls the force of government and who is subject to it. It's a losers game. But the reality is that government is currently a part of this world. So, I just try my best to have nothing to do with government and forgive when I can't avoid it. So, for me, when Obama was elected president I thought cool, this is obviously the best thing possible for the winner script. Then, when Trump was elected, I again thought cool, this is obviously the best thing possible for the winner script. I see a difference in form between the two but see no difference in facilitating the winner script. Because, you see, when you aren't lusting over control of the guns of government and not making yourself vulnerable to them, you really don't care what government and politicians do. You're just glad there are two sides of maniacs peddling delusional ideas about what's best for everyone so neither group of maniacs ever really wins full control of the guns they are fighting over.

The only one size fits all in this universe is forgiveness. And since forgiveness is something only you can do, you don't need to worry if other people don't forgive. If you are forgiving you are winning. Forgiving is the winner script and it can also come with the advantage of facilitating winner scripts on the level of form too.

As A Course in Miracles says:
The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating. It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains. It appears at first glance that to believe such power about yourself is arrogant, but that is not the real reason you do not believe it. You prefer to believe that your thoughts cannot exert real influence because you are actually afraid of them.
I personally don't care about moving mountains; it hasn't ever been an important task for me. Nor have I ever seen anyone perform the feat of moving mountains without explosives. But I'm sure I and others do move mountains all the time as we weave our way through the forgiveness script. When time collapses and we shift into new variations of the script, many things change (past, present, future), but we are usually completely blind to those things. Nonetheless, with faith in forgiveness as the ultimate winner script, you can always rest assured that no matter what happens you are living the ultimate winner script in the big picture.

So, be wary of loser scripts. Loser scripts are at best cautionary tales. At worst, loser scripts are self-fulfilling prophecies of doom. Forgiveness is the antidote to loser scripts. Would you rather be happy or right? Winner scripts always choose happy and thus often end up both happy and right.