Saturday, September 7, 2019

Best News Sources?

I'm often asked: “Hey Alex, what news sources do you recommend?” Well, anymore, my favorite news source is independent journalist Tim Pool. I like him because he really tries to be neutral, he has great critical thinking skills, and he does a great job sorting through all the garbage news so I don't have too. He has two main YouTube channels and a website. Between the channels, he puts out about an hour or so of content a day. Other than some Weather Channel, I've replaced all TV news viewing time with Tim Pool. So that's what I recommend these days. As far as text news goes, I personally like Zero Hedge the most since it is curated news from a large variety of sources and economics focused. But not everyone is as interested in economics as I am. And for weather related news I like to check out the twitter feed of PhD Meteorologist Ryan Maue: That's all the stuff I look at daily. And I also like Coffee with Scott Adams as a news source. But Tim Pool is the person I really like for sorting through news in general. Here is a recent sample from Tim Pool.