Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Seeing as I wrote a free book on Forgiving Subjectivity, I’ve abandoned this website. To get the free book, go here and sign up for my email newsletter. 

Understanding people better is optimal on the individual level since it facilitates forgiveness. But on the collective level, ideological self-segregation is what is optimal. Compromise to keep a collective superficially unified just keeps everyone dissatisfied. Humans are subjective and they are not rational. Monocratic and democratic social systems in all their forms are paths of perpetual conflict since they are inherently involuntary and so involve coercion. Ideological self-segregation on the other hand is the path to relative peace since it is a voluntary process. My ideology in regards to the collective is simply the Golden Rule (voluntary human interaction rather than coerced interaction). And I have zero tolerance for compromising on the Golden Rule. Ideological self-segregation is the winning path precisely because it is the voluntary path. And since I choose to support the winning path, I do not wish to add anything to collective debate/battle other than to end it in favor of ideological self-segregation.