Monday, December 11, 2017

Forgiving Cognitive Dissonance, Hysteria, and Trump

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has become a widespread mental health issue. TDS is the kind of thing you only notice if you aren't suffering from the syndrome yourself. What prompted me to write this post was some TDS displayed in the Course in Miracles community. I must speak up when I see people mixing ACIM with alienating about 63 million Americans and potentially feeding unforgiveness in about 67 million.

Note that as of Jan 2021, I decided it would be best to take down this post. The Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd gained control of the federal government and is acting like it is out for blood. I will keep up the running list of hysterias though.

Running list of notable Trump Derangement Syndrome hysterias since posting this December of 2017:

  • Fire and Fury book hysteria
  • Nuclear button hysteria
  • Shithole hysteria
  • Trump insane hysteria
  • FISA Memo Trump obstructing witch hunt hysteria
  • Cambridge Analytica Facebook hysteria
  • MS13 "animals" hysteria
  • Children in cages hysteria. (Not to be confused with separating border-crossing parents and children, which was a legitimate concern. But the cages stuff was based on hyperbole and three main photos, all of which were false evidence.)
  • Putin more credible than U.S. intelligence hysteria

  • Trump ordered Cohen to lie about Trump Tower Moscow hysteria
  • MAGA hat Catholic kids provoked & racially abused Native American hysteria
  • Smollett hate crime attacked by Trump supporters hoax hysteria
  • Mueller dud, but still make something out of nothing hysteria
  • Baltimore infested with rats hysteria
  • Biden/Son Ukraine impeachment hysteria


  • Trump is starting WWIII hysteria
  • Trump is to blame for COVID hysteria
  • Trump told people to drink bleach hysteria when he was actually talking about using UV light as an internal disinfectant which is a legitimate health technology.
  • The Fine People Hoax Hysteria won't die. Biden announced his candidacy and Democratic nominations perpetuating the easily debunked fake news and TDS-driven hoax.
  • Postalgate Trump sabotaging the post office to suppress mail-in voting hysteria (It's 2020 and you still can't vote online where the system would be instant and accurate with a public ledger anyone could double check.)
  • Trump is to blame for the riots hysteria despite democratic cities repeatedly rejecting national guard deployments.

  • Trump caused a coup attempt at the Capitol hysteria
  • And hopefully that is it for the TDS hysteria since Trump's presidency is over. Perhaps not though if the TDS crowd, now in control of the federal government, proves it is out for blood.
  • Russian bounties ended up being revealed as a US unintelligence agency disinformation campaign.