Thursday, June 4, 2020

It’s All Fake! Both Literally and Figuratively

The first half of 2020 has been amazing, because I’ve never seen the fakeness of the world so blatantly and relentlessly. Whatever underlying objectivity there is to the world, it has been completely drowned out by human subjectivity so far this year. I started to see the tidal wave of relentless subjectivity building back in February. On Facebook, the last thing I posted was a means of testing the water. After testing the water, in mid February I decided to withdraw from engaging in all social media until further notice. My own website is the only public place I’ve posted any thoughts since then.

Although the current subjectivity tidal wave has included many subjects, COVID-19 has been the biggest subject. The tidal wave of conflicting, changing COVID-19 information has been relentless. Here is a summary: COVID-19 is nothing; it is something; it is just a China problem; it is a huge global deal; no, actually, it is only a big deal when convenient. Lockdowns are essential; lockdowns are unnecessary; lockdowns are part of a conspiracy. Close down your business while I keep mine open since it is essential; no, that’s not fair, some people find my business more essential than yours; I still have a job so keep the lockdowns going; I lost my job so open back up; I lost my job but am getting better pay through unemployment, keep the lockdowns going forever. Masks are ineffective; masks are effective; masks aren’t fool proof but they still slow down the spread; masks are mandatory; masks are optional. Stop all travel from China; that is so xenophobic; stop all international travel; that is xenophobic; even though I called it xenophobic, you shouldn’t have listened to me and should have done it even sooner. COVID-19 is only deadly to people close to dying anyway; no, seemingly healthy people have died too. Herd immunity is the answer; no, the antibodies might only be temporary meaning no herd immunity is possible; actually, COVID-19 is essentially airborne HIV and so it is a lifelong disease that never really leaves; stop fear mongering, it’s just a cold. Hydroxychloroquine works as a COVID-19 treatment; no it doesn’t and it is super dangerous even though it has been used widely without problems for a very long time; yes, it is safe and works when combined with zinc and when taken early; no, when given to already sick people it increases death; no, you’re purposely doing the trials wrong because the drug is cheap and simple and you want to instead sell an expensive cure or just don't want your political opponents to be right. Schools are a major source of transmission so they need to shut down; no they aren’t because in places where school has been in session no big increases have been seen; no that’s due to other precautionary reasons like masks and hygiene. The sun and vitamin D won’t help; it’s now near summer in the northern hemisphere and the trend is down so yes it clearly helps; no it doesn’t, just wait; shut up, vitamin D is key. COVID-19 is natural; no it was made in a lab, look at the weird insertions; no it wasn’t; yes it was. Not only was COVID-19 lab made it was released on purpose by Gates and his ilk; no it was an accident; no it really was natural; it is mutating and getting worse; no, it is mutating and getting less deadly because lab made viruses aren’t stable. The virus is neither lab made or natural because it is just a hoax; no, it is real people are really dying; no, the deaths are fake; no, you're a COVID-19 denier. The democratic politicians of New York aren't to blame for the New York outbreak Trump is; no, they were clearly responsible. Protesting the lockdowns is bad because it will help spread the virus; protesting things I support politically is good regardless of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a developing threat but the stock market is running up to record highs; wait COVID-19 really is a spreading threat, sell sell sell. The lockdowns and fear have made the economy horrible; there are massive job losses, businesses are closing for good; but hey, the Federal Reserve created $8000 per American citizen so far to prop up the stock market and buy bad debt; buy stocks, forget fundamentals, it is all about that currency creation. The Federal Reserve can’t prop up the markets with currency creation forever; yes it can as long as the economy recovers; the economy won’t recover fast enough; yes, it will, the stock market even goes up on mass rioting; you and the market are delusional. There is a glut of oil due to COVID-19, sell; the oil price is actually negative in the futures market for May delivery; there is still a glut but oil and gas prices are soaring back up anyway.

I could obviously go on and on; I didn't even mention toilet paper after all. But get the point? It’s a cacophony of conflicting information. And finding any sort of objective truth is very hard since subjectivity rules. People tend to accept whatever delusion supports what they want to believe (especially politically since politics is itself a delusion). The best way to forgive it is to not join in. Stay neutral and don’t get your ego involved. Once ego gets involved the goal is not truth but being right. Take a stance only when the evidence is obvious and overwhelming. That’s how true forgivers operate.