Friday, August 21, 2020

The Fake News Cycle

After seeing Biden once again repeat the debunked fine people hoax (debunked for those not living in a total TDS bubble) in his democratic presidential candidate acceptance speech, I just had to post this humorous infographic by the Babylon Bee. Just think, how did you feel about the news and about certain politicians when you found out the truth about the fine people hoax by simply watching the unedited video? And Fox news has been just as much a worthless fake news propaganda operation about the fine people hoax as the propagandists at places like media matters. Furthermore, how do you feel now when you see Biden still spreading the hoax? It says to me he's either a race-baiting liar or totally clueless (and surrounded by race-baiting liars or the clueless), neither are at all acceptable. And to think, some people wonder how it could possibly be way too beneath my dignity to vote lol. It is extra beneath my dignity to vote seeing that in the year 2020 there still isn't online voting. Instead, people are talking about the postal service with a straight face. What a joke. I'm a relative idiot when it comes to programming and even I could make a clone of Bitcoin tweaked for voting that would be transparent (distributed ledger and open-source code), reliable (social security numbers tied to a private key), cheat-proof (one vote per valid social security number and the vote could be double checked on the public ledger), and provide instant results.